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Architectural rendering is the art of creating 2D images or animations, which displays the characteristics of the proposed architectural design.

If you look back a few years, they did architectural renderings by hand. 

Clients preferred architectural illustrations in various mediums such as markers, watercolors, pen and ink, etcetera. 

However, with the modern technology, people have now inclined towards computer generated renderings.

They prefer images/frames, created with the help of using a 3D model software. T

he techniques of these renderings vary., some methods can create a simple flat image with big shadows. 

To get a photo-realistic effect, then popular techniques are used, which have the perfect lighting and materials. 

Designers and architects often create these visualizations for marketing, design analysis purposes, or even presentations.

In today’s time, 3D rendering is playing a major role in the marketing and sale of real estate.

Architectural Visualization is also the perfect way to make a design in a 3D computerized model before they build the building. 

This helps in experimenting with building design and its visual features.

Some features of an architectural visual design include:

         Virtual tours

         Light and shadow

         Floor Plans

         Still rendering

         3D walk through and fly animations

         Photo realistic 3D rendering

         Panoramic rendering

The Architectural Visualization is one of the best inventions of this time. 

Now, people can have a look at their floor plans and even a 3D walk through of their design, to have a better understanding.

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