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When a graphic designer process 3D wire frame models into 2D images on a computer such as 3D Rendering. 

This process includes photorealistic effects and non-photorealistic effects too.

This is the final process when a designer creates an actual 2D image or animation. 

You can compare this to taking a photograph or even filming a scene.

They have introduced various rendering methods over the years some specialized. 

These include the non-realistic wire frame rendering to more advanced techniques such as:

·         Ray Tracing

·         Radiosity

·         Scanline Rendering


Rendering a frame or an image can take time, days or even seconds. 

If you want a photo-realistic effect, then there are different methods, which might suit you.

In 3D rendering, the aim is to achieve the highest Photo-realism, as a rendering speed of 24 frames per second.

In 3D programming implementations, the “index of refraction” is a term used for rendering or shading. 

There are two types of techniques in shading:

                 Reflection Scattering

Light interacts with a surface at a point in this way.

                 Surface Shading

Light spread across a surface through this way.

These are just some techniques of 3D rendering the platform are much broader than this. 

Considering the advancement in technology, 3D rendering and its techniques are evolving every day. 


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